Fantasy of a Kingdom is a Las Vegas style Thai cultural show infused with cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art show elements. The essence of being Thai, everything from the love for freedom and fun, courage and compassion, is being represented in each scene. As the Prince of Kamala journeys through each progressive scene, he slowly discovers these aspects and learns what it means to be the perfect Thai.


The show has its premiere on 20 December 1998


9 exciting show elements are employed to ensure that the audience is kept on the edge of their seats!

1. Thai culture
2. Magic illusion
3. Acrobatics
4. Animal performance
5. Pyrotechnics
6. Stunts
7. Aerial performance
8. 4 dimensional effects
9. Special effects


There are over 400 cast & crew members working together to put up the show each night. There are also over 44 elephants, 3 tigers, 40 goats, 40 chicken and 400 pigeons that form a significant part of our cast!


The show comprises 11 scenes and is over 70 minutes long.

I. The Awakening
II. Shadow & Light
III. Mystical Kinnaree
IV. To be Thai is to be Free
V. The Sacred Tale
VI. Sanuk
VII. The Land of Smiles
VIII. First Love
XI. Final Conflict
X. Children
XI. Golden Palace

Kamala Boy ~ the whimsical young prince
Kamala Girl ~ the beautiful country girl
Iyara ~ the magic elephant
Kinnaree ~ the half-bird half-woman creature of ancient mythology
Apsara ~ the free spirited angel
Hanuman ~ the trickster king of monkeys
Tossakan ~ the evil 10 headed giant
Chang & Eng ~ the world famous Siamese Twins
Takhon Ghost ~ the comical & fun loving spirit
Buffalo Demon ~ Kamala Boy’s devilish adversary

1. Fantasy of a Kingdom is the longest running permanent show in Asia.

2. Cast includes 44 elephants, 6 buffaloes, 400 birds, 40 goats and more than a handful of      chickens!!!

3. The main stage lifts used in the show are among the biggest in the world!

4. The show features the most number of elephants to be assembled in an indoor theater      anywhere in the world!