How much is the ticket?
For Show with Buffet Dinner, THB 2,200 per adult, THB 2,000 per child. For Show Only, THB 1,800 per adult, THB 1,800 per child. (Infants whose height does not exceed 100 cm (or 3'3") are free of charge and will not be provided with theater seats.)
What is the criterion for a ‘Child’?
A child is defined as a person whose height is between 101 -140 cm or 3'3'' - 4'7'' (inclusive).
What does the ticket include?
Does the ticket price include all the shows & attractions?
All ticket types also include admission to the park, 7% government tax (VAT) and admission to Tiger Jungle Adventure. In addition, there are many free street and stage shows, parades and live band performances throughout the night. Some activities such as Elephant Rides will have an additional cost.
Is there any group discount?
The prices that we offer are standard prices for all guests. We regret we do not offer any group discount.
Is it cheaper to book via internet than to buy at the park ticketing office?
Phuket FantaSea adheres to a one-price policy. All prices offered on the internet, by agents or at our ticketing office, are the same.
I have been offered discounted prices by my travel agents,
are they valid?
All our official agents are contractually obligated to sell our tickets at the same prices. Failure to adhere to our one-price policy would result in the termination of that contract. Vouchers bought at an unauthorized discount are invalid and Phuket FantaSea reserves the right to reject the use of such vouchers without refund or compensation.
Is the ticket refundable? Changeable?
  We regret tickets already issued are neither refundable nor changeable.
Is there any Gift Certificate/ticket I can purchase as a present
for someone?
  We offer Gift Certificates for special occasions. Please contact us for more information.
Can I prepay for someone’s reservation (as a surprise gift)?
Tickets may be issued in advance if the full amount is prepaid. It is also possible to confirm a reservation without coming to the park for ticket collection by prepaying the total amount. Reservations paid in full in advance will not be subject to cancellation.
Can I enter the park before making decision to buy the show or buffet tickets?
Park admission fee is included in all ticket types and only ticket holders are able to enter the park. We regret we do not offer “Park Only” tickets.
I have visited Phuket FantaSea before. Can I just enter the park without seeing the show or dining at the buffet?
Can I enter the park for shopping only?
Inside the park are a variety of street shows, parades, activities as well as souvenir and novelty shops that are exclusively provided for the enjoyment of all our guests (ticket holders) only. We regret that only ticket holders may enter the park.
What time should I arrive at the Park?
To allow time to visit all our attractions, for 21:00 and 19:30 show (Show Only or Show with Buffet Dinner regardless), the recommended arrival time is 18:30. For other show times, please arrive at least 1 hour before show time.