Kamala, a land of peace and plenty…
Kamala, a people of joy and harmony…
Kamala, a story of myth, mystery and magic…
For generations, stories have been told of an ancient kingdom of wealth and glory long lost in time, and of a young Prince destined to rule this land with wisdom and benevolence. Sadly dark times fell upon the people as they succumbed to greed and selfish desires, and the goodness inherent in the essence of true Thai people was lost. The guardian spirits of the land became angry and placed a curse on the kingdom, turning the Prince and his faithful elephant companion to stone…until the time came when all the people of the land could learn to unite in true harmony once again…
  ‘Fantasy of a Kingdom’  brings this story to life and continues the legend….  
The fantasy adventure begins as the people of Kamala gather from all corners of the land in harmonious union to bring their beloved Prince back to life. Together they embark on a journey through exotic lands and magical times, rediscovering compassion… love… courage…and the many other shining virtues that define what it is that makes a people Thai…
On a magical moonlit night, deep in the enchanted jungle of Kamala, a mysterious ancient palace shimmers into existence. In the center of these ruins stands a statue of a boy sitting atop an elephant, miraculously preserved through the ages. The sudden trumpeting of distant horns heralds the majestic arrival of the elephants. Villagers gather in response to the call, joining in rhythmic chant and prayer. The intense power of the ritual dance and the growing spirit of their Unity awaken the statue and the Legend is unveiled…
By the glow of flickering fires, shadow and light leap and dance to form colorful images, illuminating the story of the magical Kingdom of Kamala and the legend of a boy Prince…One chapter in the never-ending tale of the Circle of Life…
Deep in the heart of the Kamala Kingdom lies a magical forest glade, where reside the graceful Kinnaree, the half-bird, half-woman angels of age-old myths.The Prince comes across this enchanted place and is entranced by the magnificent beauty he finds there. Overwhelmed with desire, he decides to capture one of these fascinating creatures using his magic lasso. The sight of the tearful and terrified angel fills the heart of the young boy with great pain and regret and he is taught a princely lesson in Compassion from the delicate Kinnaree.

As evening falls and the grandeur of the night sky is revealed in all its starry splendor, the Prince catches a glimpse of celestial beings soaring majestically through the heavens. Apsara, the angels of Freedom, rejoice in ecstatic movements celebrating the very heart of Thai ideals.
Kamala Boy finds himself in a mythical battle between the ancient forces of Good and Evil. Rama, the embodiment of all righteous ideals and goodness, is engaged in a fierce battle against an army of demon warriors led by the evil ten-headed Tossakan. Hanuman, the clever trickster king of the monkeys, aids Rama by stripping Tossakan of his invincibility. Tossakan and his army flee in fear and cowardice from the battlefield and Goodness triumphs over Evil.
Chang and Eng, the inseparable Siamese Twins, along with a colorful troop of mischievous Ta Khon ghosts, play host to a magic carnival and invite everyone to join in the Sanuk, the irrepressible Fun-loving essence of the Thai people. The Prince appears to be unimpressed with the twins’ chaotic antics and frivolous magic. This drives the bickering duo into even more frantic behavior as they try harder to outwit the young Prince.

Throughout the Prince’s journey, the grand countryside unfolds before him revealing a marvelous tapestry of natural beauty and wondrous bounty. As he travels to the 4 regions of the Kingdom, he witnesses the exotic song and dance from the colorful people of those places. As far as the Kingdom reached in all its glorious splendor, the Prince discovers that people can transcend their diversity and live in Harmony with one another.

The Prince passes through a small village and finds the people harvesting rice and singing in playful joy amidst a tranquil country scene. A special young girl captures his heart and a romantic Love blossoms. All too soon, their powerful affection for each other awakens a great, slumbering evil residing deep below. Storms and chaos follow as the menacing Fortress of the Buffalo Demons rises to the surface. The young girl is taken hostage and the Prince must find a way to rescue her…
In great haste, the Prince assembles an army and prepares to engage the demon warriors at the gates of the evil fortress. A fierce battle ensues and the odds seem overwhelming against the boy Prince. The Prince’s troops fight valiantly but the Demon Warriors appear from everywhere. All seems lost until the Prince, summoning his last strength, calls upon his beloved friend, Iyara. Suddenly, Iyara appears as if by magic, trumpeting fiercely. The demon warriors become terrified as they encounter the rage of the mighty elephant. With powerful blasts from his magical trunk, the walls of the fortress are blasted down and the Demons quickly retreat in fear. The Prince is reunited with his Princess and through his Courage, tested on the field of battle, a love greater than any ever known is born.
As the last remnants of the fires burn slowly away and a delightful fragrance of peace permeates the air, the children and their elephant friends come out to dance and play, their pure and innocent spirit kindling a new Hope and the dawn of a new beginning.
999 lordly elephants of great strength and unwavering Perseverance work in unison to rebuild the kingdom and restore its magnificent palaces. The people of Kamala join in to celebrate the glory of their Kingdom and the long awaited arrival of a righteous and benevolent ruler, a true Thai King.