That is how it all began…

The very word ‘Thai’ means free, but that only just begins to describe who we are…

To us, ‘Thai’ is a story. A colorful tale of adventure, fantasy and romance, lavishly spiced with mystery and magic. But words alone cannot define the richness found in our many customs and traditions. ‘Thai’ is best expressed in its most unique and eloquent form… through our song and dance… and most importantly, with a fun loving spirit.

Phuket FantaSea is this story…a living tapestry of Thai history and culture, all woven together in one magical creation designed to share the extraordinary wealth of our heritage for all the world to experience.

…So really, what is ‘Thai’?

In bringing Phuket FantaSea to life, we have had so much fun contemplating the meaning of the question that the answer doesn’t seem to matter …

Have Fun and Enjoy the Show!



Kittikorn & Sopida Kewkacha