I ~ Prince of Kamala
The beloved young Prince who rules Kamala Kingdom, on a quest to discover the true nature and the meaning of being Thai.
II ~ Iyara
Iyara, guide and faithful companion to the young Prince, divine descendant of the ancestral Elephant Lords who built the Kingdom.
III ~ Kamala Girl
A lovely, young village girl full of beauty and grace. Born to a simple farm family, she is destined to win the heart of the young Prince of Kamala and help save the Kingdom from the demon warriors.

IV ~ Kinnaree
Angelic creatures of ancient mythology, half-bird and half-woman, these graceful and magical beings provide comfort and shelter to all who seek the heavenly realms.
V ~ Apsara
Celestial beings who celebrate the spirit of Freedom through song and dance.
VI ~ Hanuman
Hanuman, the Trickster King of the Monkey warriors, protects his King with devout loyalty and clever antics.

VII ~ Tossakan
With ten heads and twenty arms, Tossakan is the most feared and dangerous among all the evil lords. He is magically protected from harm and cannot be killed by ordinary beings.

VIII ~ Chang & Eng
Siam’s most famous duo, these two inseparable boys enjoy entertaining their guests with song, dance and magic.
IX ~ Ta Khon Ghost
Mischievous and mysterious, these playful ghosts create chaos with their fun and frolic.
X ~ Buffalo Demon
These are demon warriors, half-man, half-buffalo, who are powerful and formidable warriors led by the evil Buffalo Demon Lord.