Our magic elephant, Iyara, will be happy
to guide you through the reservation

Before we proceed, kindly read
the following important information.
For late reservation (after 12:00 hr on intended visit date), please call our Reservation Office directly.
Please be informed that effective from 1 November 2017 onward, there will be a price adjustment on ticket upgrade options and service, applicable also to all advance reservations, as detailed below:
1.Theater Gold Seat upgrade shall be THB 350 per seat.
2.“Suriyamas” luxury buffet upgrade shall automatically include theater gold seat upgrade and will be termed “Suriyamas Gold”. This upgrade will cost THB 1,550 per person. (“Suriyamas” buffet only upgrade shall cease on the 31 October 2017)
3.Transportation price will be THB 350 for single or round trip in Phuket. For Khaolak, the price will be THB 700 for single or round trip.

** All the above prices are inclusive of of 7% VAT except for transportation price, which is exempted.


Souvenir Gift Certificate allows your guests the freedom to choose their perfect FantaSea mementos while enjoying their time in Phuket FantaSea Park! The voucher may be used in place of cash to purchase souvenir items within Phuket FantaSea Park and is not applicable to Show ticket, photo, food & beverages, rides or other services. Each voucher has a value of THB 1,000 (approximately USD$30).
Note that Souvenir Gift Certificate holder must also possess either show ticket to enter Phuket FantaSea park.

To purchase Souvenir Gift Certificate, please contact Phuket FantaSea Ticketing Office by tel: +66 76 385 111, +66 76 680 888 fax: +66 76 385 222, +66 76 680 889 or email: ticket@phuket-fantasea.com, indicating

1) the name of recipient guest;
2) date of visit;
3) value of voucher(s) required;
4) other requirements (such as the way to present the ‘surprise’; the well-wishes that our staff should say on behalf of you! Etc.) ;

To allow us to issue the Souvenir Gift Certificate in time, kindly note that payment must be made in full at least 24 hours prior to guest’s arrival. A receipt will be issued after the payment has been received.

The voucher(s) will be given to the intended recipient guest(s) as a ‘surprise’ upon his/her arrival at the Ticketing Office. A signed voucher receipt form will be sent or emailed to the purchaser as a confirmation. Alternatively, the purchaser may give the recipient guest the receipt to bring along and present it to our staff at the Ticketing Office.

Souvenir Gift Certificate terms and conditions

1) Souvenir Gift Certificate is applicable only to Souvenir items.
2) Souvenir Gift Certificate is valid until the date indicated. (Usually one year from date of purchase)
3) Souvenir Gift Certificate may not be refunded or exchanged for other products or services.
4) No change in cash or other forms will be given should the value of items purchased be less than the value of the Gift Certificate(s)